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Neurosis is currently recruiting for its 10 man raiding group, with the goal of building up multiple 10 man viable raid groups and possibly a 25 man raid group.

Register on the forums, and speak with Acrimony, Senzafine, or Pruflas in game.
Other Guild News

NWMHD is recruiting

AcrimonyBronze, Aug 19, 11 1:30 PM.

Not Without My Hotdog is currently recruiting.  You may also know us as the Silent Force.  We've been raiding as a guild for over 3 years.  We're always looking to add qualified players to our ranks.  Our general philosophy of raiding is that we're about what you might call casual hardcore.  We want to work on progression, but within reasonable time frames, and at a reasonable pace, without needing to be a leading edge guild.  Though we're not a Server First group, most of our members are long-timers who have found a home in our unique niche in the raiding market.  If you're interested, hit up one of our Officers online, or put in an application here.  You can always /whisper me on Acrimony (or Toromuerte, Sodomony, Furie, Chowdah), Senzafine (or Evilmama), Pruflas (or Macadroodwyn), or Kaiuss in game for more info



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